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Windows 11, AI software update page appears

Windows 11, AI software update page appears

Windows 11, AI software update page appears

If you try typing today Chronology in the search box of Windows 11 and then select the item View update history, the Microsoft operating system offers a window that allows you to access feature updates and quality packages, driver updates, anti-malware definition updates and other types of updates. In the article dedicated to how to update Windows 11, we saw the differences between the various packages.

The next stable versions of Windows 11, however, will also integrate the new section AI component updates. This is a novelty which, once again, confirms how determined Microsoft is to push on the integration of new features based onartificial intelligence.

Updating AI-powered software components in Windows 11

The one who notices the novelty is, once again, the known leaker PhantomOfEarth which he published on X the new screen Update historyspotted in preview build 26217.

For the moment there are no further details because the Redmond company has not yet indicated which ones components based on artificial intelligence will be managed through the routine dedicated update.

It’s easy to hypothesize that under the “umbrella” of the AI component updatesalways managed through Windows Updatecomponents such as Copilot for Windows but also Copilot for Microsoft 365, i.e. the version of the tool based on generative artificial intelligence intended for business users (holders of a Microsoft 365 subscription).

The integration of Copilot with Edge is also likely to be included in the new update system. “Of the match” should also be the new one AI Explorera tool that stores all the activities carried out by the user with his PC, so as to facilitate subsequent search operations.

To avoid any dispute, Microsoft should fully render locale il operation of AI Explorer. In other words, thecontinuous training of the model and the subsequent inference activities would take place without exchanging a single byte of data with the Redmond company’s cloud servers.

AI Explorer: an all-round memory of what you do with your PC

Some time ago we introduced you to Windrecorder, an open source program that records everything that appears on the screen. The idea is to save everything in order to allow the user, later, to find that information that he is able to identify.

Likewise, AI Explorer would remain running in the background keeping track of everything you do with your PC, regardless of the apps you are running. This behavior would allow the creation of “digital memories”, recoverable at any time. AI Explorer, for example, may remember the contents of conversations WhatsApp, on documents and emails, of Web pages visit and so on.

The interface of research it should be positioned at the bottom of the screen, probably “recycling” the box already present in the taskbar.

To confirm the fact that AI Explorer will work locally, it seems that an essential requirement is the presence – on the machine in use – of a chip equipped with an NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

Opening image credit: Microsoft.

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