Windows 11 File Explorer appears randomly: here's how to fix it

The users of Windows 11 Since the presentation of the operating system, over two years ago, they have reported an annoying bug with File Explorer. The file manager of Windows 11 system, often opens randomly, without the user having absolutely requested it to be started. L’File Explorer Windows 11 It shows itself at the most inopportune moments: when you change the operating system settings, when you open a notification, while browsing the web and even during computer sessions. gaming. An anomalous behavior that seemed random and almost impossible to predict and replicate.

Fix File Explorer randomly opening in Windows 11

A system component such as File Explorerclosely linked to the Windows 11 shell, plays a central role and is the point of reference for the management of files and folders. With the latest Microsoft operating system, the developers of the Redmond company have finally introduced the tabbed interface in File Explorer allowing users to work on multiple open folderswithout constantly switching from one window to another.

L’File Explorer however, it is still a “work in progress”: the application does not excel in terms of performance. Indeed, a curious bug in File Explorer, discovered by chance by a normal user, highlights the margins for improvement of the file manager integrated into Windows 11.

The good news, however, is that in the meantime Microsoft has finally identified the problem it brings File Explorer opening for no reason on Windows 11. After having limited the bug and proposed a fix to users of the preview versions of Windows 11 (program Windows Insider), the patch official now becomes available to the entire audience of users of the Microsoft platform.

To put the atavistic behind us File Explorer problem, which led to its sudden opening at the most inconvenient times, simply download and install the KB5032288 update. Released a few days ago, it is currently a optional update presented through Windows Update.

As Microsoft confirms in the release notes, the package KB5032288 prevents File Explorer from suddenly appearing in the foreground when there is no reason to.


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