Windows 11, how to solve problems with headphones

Use a pair of headphones on Windows 11 It’s something that, more or less, will have happened to everyone in life.

Whether it is theentertainment or whether it’s for the productivity, a pair of auricolari Bluetooth they are an indispensable tool which, clearly, must always function properly so as to always guarantee the best possible sound experience.

First of all, if you are having problems with wired headphones, it is a good idea to check that the jack is properly inserted into the appropriate port; then if possible it is also advisable to try a second pair of earphones wired to see if the problem depends on the headphones or the PC.

In the case of Bluetooth earphones, you need to check that the charge level is sufficient and, clearly, if the device is paired to the PC in question.

If the device still doesn’t work, first, you can try a restarting the computerif things don’t go back to normal even then the options could be different and it is worth analyzing them in detail.

  • 1. Check the settings

    When headphones they do not work with Windows 11, to solve audio problems the first thing to do is check that it volume has not been deactivated on your computer.

    To do this just go on the speaker icon in the taskbar and if there is a cross on it, then it means that the volume has been muted.

    To reactivate it, just click on the icon and, if necessary, adjust the audio volumeso that it is not too low or too high.

    The second thing to check is that your headphones are set as default audio output devicea solution not to be underestimated especially if you use multiple devices connected to the computer.

    To do this you need to right click on Start and open the app Settings. Once this is done, click on System and then up Soundthen selecting the item Other settings audio.

    On the next tab, going up Playback all that remains is to check that the headphones in question are the default audio device, if this is not the case, simply tick the option Tax come device default.

  • 2. Hardware, app or interference issues

    As mentioned at the beginning, one way to solve the audio problems with headphones on Windows 11 is to verify, in fact, that the headphones themselves are not defective or broken. One way to do this is to try them on other devices and if they work it is clear that the problem is not in the device.

    However, it is not uncommon for the problem to depend on the earphone softwareespecially if they work with specific proprietary applications.

    In this case, the first thing to do is check for updates and possibly proceed with the update. Alternatively, you can close the app in question or uninstall it and reinstall it from scratchso as to remove any doubt about it.

    Clearly it is also advisable to take a look at settings of the software itselfbecause particular modes, or mute, may have been activated by mistake.

    Finally, another problem that should not be overlooked is that of interferenceespecially if the headphones are used near devices such as router o extender WiFi, microwave ovens or baby monitor which could disturb the regular signal transmission.

    To solve the audio problem, simply move the headphones away and test them remotely from these devices just listed.

  • 3. Audio troubleshooter

    A great solution is to use the instrument Of resolution of the problems audio Of Windows 11a tool that searches for and resolves any malfunction, automatically taking care of fixing the headphone problem.

    To activate the tool just right-click on the Start button and go up Settings. Here you need to go to the tab System and then click Resolution of the problems and then up Others instruments per the resolution of the problems.

    Once you enter this screen, just click Run and wait for that the diagnostics application of the problems complete the scan showing, if possible, the problem in question and any solutions to resolve it.

  • 4. Update your audio drivers

    Finally, it is not uncommon that when headphones are not detected the Windows 11 problem may be driver audio obsolete that have not been updated to the latest version.

    To exclude this, just install the latest version and the device should work normally again.

    To do this just go to manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of the audio and/or Bluetooth drivers.

    Generally it is executable files and once the user has clicked on the downloaded package, the installer will carry out the installation and configuration itself.

    Alternatively you can opt for the installation manual by right-clicking on the button Start and going to the tab Management devices.

    In this section you need to click on Controller audio, video and games and always right-click on the device in question, selecting the option Update driver and then clicking Fence the drivers on my computer.

    Once the operation is complete, the new drivers should be active and working, ready to make your headphones work again on Windows 11 without problems.

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