Windows 11 introduces Super Resolution upscaling for all applications

Modern solutions for image upscaling and video resizing, capable of increase the resolution without quality loss, are taking great advantage of the computational abilities of newer video cards, from the addition of NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and, in general, by the use of tools based onartificial intelligence.

Lately NVidia, one of the most active companies in the sector, presented ICAT, a tool for evaluating the quality of upscaling. The proposal on which Jen-Hsun Huang’s company is focusing is called DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) while AMD is betting big on FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution).

Windows 11 hides a new feature for automatic upscaling: Auto Super Resolution

The publication of the most recent preview version, intended for program participants Windows Insider (build 26052), hides among its “folds” what promises to be one novelty quite relevant. Baptised Car SR (Super Resolution), presents itself as a tool integrated at the operating system level and accessible directly by typing Graphics settings in the Windows 11 search box.

The Super Resolution in “Microsoft sauce” has the potential to be an independent solution compared to the implementations of NVidia, AMD and Intel allowing you to increase the resolution dynamically of apps that, for example, play videos or video games (even the older ones).

The new feature, which is making its way into Windows 11, requires a system equipped with NPU (a specialized processing unit to perform intensive operations in the field of machine learning and neural networks): it cannot therefore ignore the use of the upcoming Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs or GPUs based on tensor core.

Windows 11 Auto Super Resolution

It was the well-known who discovered the new feature that Microsoft technicians are integrating into Windows 11 leaker PhantomOcean3 who published the image we reproduce above on his X profile.

As you can see, just below the preference on the GPU to use (in case the system uses a dedicated video card in addition to the one integrated at the processor level), Windows users can decide whether or not to benefit from Auto SR. Windows 11 also includes a series of optimizations for video games played in a window.

It is not known when the debut of is expected Super Resolution in Windows 11, but it is highly likely that theupscaling integrated into the operating system may be presented at the time of release of the final version of Windows 11 24H2during the next autumn season.


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