Windows 11, released recently, has attracted a lot of attention, especially for its support for Android apps. Not yet in Italy, Windows Subsystem for Android is the platform that Windows 11 uses to run Android apps.
Windows 11: Microsoft announces many new features to support Android apps

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Microsoft is looking forward to getting Android apps to work on Windows 11. That’s why Microsoft was happy to report on the major update for this feature over the weekend.

Currently, the feature is only available to Windows Insider users. The latest version of the Windows subsystem for Android uses Android 12.1 (or Android 12L). Currently stable versions of Windows 11 are expected to use Android 11, so the update will soon allow you to use a version of Android that is more in line with those of supported mobile devices. The new version of the Windows subsystem for Android also brings improvements to the way Android apps running on Windows integrate with the Windows interface.

Microsoft has announced that Android apps will play their notifications using the Windows interface and the taskbar will have the ability to show whether an Android app is accessing the microphone or the location of the device in use. Also, Android apps should work better after you wake your computer from standby – instead of restarting, they should pick up where you left off.

The settings app used to manage the Windows subsystem for Android has been redesigned, with Microsoft promising an “all-round cleaner user experience”. We’ve also improved how Android apps can access your computer’s camera, and improvements have also been made to network functionality so that, for example, the app can configure your smart home devices even when it’s used on the computer.

Microsoft plans to release the preview version of Android 12.1 for the Windows subsystem for Android. The new version will bring many improvements over the current stable version. Currently, only Windows Insider users subscribed to the Dev channel can download the preview version of Android 12.1. However, not all apps can run in the preview version, so Microsoft is currently working with partners to improve the stability and functionality of the Windows subsystem for Android. Once all bugs and issues are fixed, the update will be sent to all Windows users.

In its latest operating system, Windows 11, Microsoft continues to insist on supporting Android-compatible apps. The fact is great news for users. The bad news is that the Amazon Appstore remains the only source of officially installable apps so far, which is a limitation on any other platform where apps are downloaded from an App store. Furthermore, there is no talk of extending the functionality to new markets such as Italy.


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