Windows 11 shares WiFi passwords via QR code

How many times do you need to enter the password WiFi on a new device but, on time, you don’t remember it? On the other hand, as often mentioned, it is never advisable to set a password that is easy to guess wireless network security. In the article on WiFi network security we saw what the better tricks and which interventions, on the other hand, are of no use. It follows that a good password for the WiFi network should be sufficiently long, with alphanumeric characters and symbols. Impossible to keep these in mind login password.

To recover the WiFi password in Windows you can use two approaches: one based on the operating system interface (just refer, as explained in the article, to the Network connections), the other is based on an instruction to be given at the command prompt. In both cases, however, you must use an administrator account.

Share your WiFi password with a QR code in Windows 11

The latest preview version of Windows 11 (build 25977 and following) integrates a new functionality that allows you to create a QR code containing the password for accessing the WiFi network. To access it, simply press Windows+Iclick on Network and Internet in the left column, on the item WiFi right then up Manage known networks.

By clicking on the name of the WiFi network you are interested in, clicking on View to the right of View WiFi security keynow Windows 11 is limited to show the password clearly of WiFi. Below this information, the next stable versions of Windows 11 will display a QR code which, if scanned with another device, will allow you to set the connection to WiFi without typing anything.

The novelty, officially confirmed by Microsoft, will be progressively distributed to an ever-increasing number of Windows 11 users and will then arrive in one of the next definitive releases of the operating system.

In another article we saw how to create QR codes in Windows using Powershell and the module QRCodeGenerator. The innovation introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11 saves the effort of developing “ad hoc” scripts to achieve the same result.

In the meantime, anyone with a mobile device connected to the wireless network can generate a QR code with the WiFi password from Android.


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