Windows 11 speaks with your voice: Speak for me arrives

Windows 11 speaks with your voice: Speak for me arrives

Featuring the latest preview versions of Windows 11 (build 26xxx), not only is the addition of the sudo utility (inspired by systems Unix-like and GNU/Linux). “Under the hood” debuts something new that represents a bit of the Red string between the operating system, the concept of generative models and, in general, artificial intelligence.

If Cortana is now dead and gone, the idea is to train the system operative so that you can talk to the user voice. Alongside the synthesized voices typically integrated into Windows and usable for reading any text, it will soon become possible create a voice model starting from a short excerpt of any user’s speech.

In another article we saw how to change the voice for free, highlighting all the main features. And we said that Microsoft technicians had VALL-E X ready, a generative model capable of activating mechanisms text-to-speech starting from just 3 seconds of speech. With Windows 11, the work done in recent months becomes available to all users.

How does it work Speak for methe user voice generation system in Windows 11

Windows 11 users who decide to create their own speech model can use it in various circumstances. Including online meetings. By typing a text, the operating system will be able to pronounce it using the user’s voice.

The new feature in Windows 11 is called Speak for me (Speak for mein English) and will be accessible by pressing a predefined key combination: Windows+CTRL+T.

Obviously, Microsoft plans to integrate a series of “safeguards” to avoid unauthorized and unaware uses of the function. On the other hand, the new tool Speak with me it must be useful for the user who uses it but certainly not allow third parties to exploit the voice model of another person to pass themselves off as other subjects or even attempt identity theft.

What is certain is that, as we have highlighted several times, vocal characteristics are not and cannot be considered as a tool biometric verification as they have long been easily falsified. Do you remember the investigation opened in October 2022 by the Privacy Guarantor on the FakeYou online service?

How to activate Speak for me in Windows 11

As soon as Microsoft decides to officially introduce the new feature Speak for me in Windows 11, this will be added in the window Accessibilityreachable by entering the same string in the operating system search box.

Speak for me, Windows 11

In the meantime, users who have installed Windows 11 build 26052, or a later release, can use the popular free software ViVeTool to preview Speak for me.

Simply download the latest version of ViVeTool, extract the contents of its compressed archive to a folder of your choice (e.g. c:\vivetool) then open Command Prompt with administrator rights by typing cmd in the Windows 11 search box then selecting Run as administrator.

At this point, just type the following command – and then restart Windows 11 – to put it to the test Speak for me:

c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:47123936

Credit immagine in anteprima: Microsoft Bing Image Creator.

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