Windows 11 without password even for companies

Most software manufacturers are progressively implementing solutions that allow them to put the use of passwords behind them. Creating secure passwords is always a delicate matter; not to mention the credential management of access. Passkeys have become the default login mechanism for Google accounts, and many leading companies have started implementing the same mechanism. Use Windows 11 without password it will soon become possible also in the corporate context.

The future is passwordless, explains Microsoft. Passwords are inherently insecure, inconvenient, and a prime target for cyberattacks. In 2022, Microsoft detected nearly 1,300 password attacks every second; value increased in the last 12 months to over 4,000 attacks per second.

Windows 11 without password with the new MDM rule EnablePasswordlessExperience

The goal of the new ones authentication mechanisms of type passwordless is to make login systems resistant to phishing attacks. In other words, the possible theft of credentials must no longer constitute a security problem and expose professionals and companies to risks of attack.

MDM is the acronym for “Mobile Device Management“: These are criteria linked to rules, policies and parameters defined and applied within a device management solution used within an organization. In fact, it is common for users to connect mobile and portable devices to the company network: le policy MDMs ensure that they are configured, used and maintained securely and efficiently.

Using Windows Hello for Business and FIDO2 security keys, business users can already benefit from a password-free login experience today. Microsoft explains that from today it is also possible to use the specific EnablePasswordlessExperience rule which, once enabled, removes passwords from user experience. By activating the policypasswords are no longer required either to access the device or in open work session authentication scenarios, for example to access password manager of the major web browsers. Again, Windows 11 it will not ask you to type your administration password even when using UAC (User Account Control) at the time of acquiring higher privileges.

In all of these contexts, users are asked to use Windows Hello authentication instead of entering a password.

How to activate the passwordless user experience in Windows

System administrators can enable passwordless use of Windows by enabling the policy, as highlighted above EnablePasswordlessExperience. The MDM policy is available in Microsoft Intune or through other similar software.

Businesses that use Intune can find the new policy Enable passwordless experience in the section Authentication. When EnablePasswordlessExperience is enabled, the user will not see the password option on the Windows lock screen. As seen in the image, access passwordless involves the use of a security key, Windows PIN, Windows Hello and fingerprint.

Windows 11 passwordless login

The option to set and manage your password will also not be visible in the Windows settings (section Account, Login Options settings).

The new way of credential management is available after applying the September 2023 Update for Windows 11 22H2 and later.


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