Does Windows 11 have any problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks? Is our home network not visible? Let’s see together how to solve it.

Windows 11 Wi-Fi

Is our Windows 11 computer having trouble connecting to a particular Wi-Fi network or our home network? In most cases a simple restart of the PC should be enough to fix all the problems but, if we notice a recurring error with Wi-Fi networks, it is necessary to investigate and use all the tools provided by Windows itself connect the system to Wi-Fi again.

In the following guide we will show you in detail how to fix wifi problems on windows 11so that we can go back to surfing the Internet without interruptions and without having to move our activity to other PCs or other devices.

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1) Log in to the network again

The first method to reset Wi-Fi connection on Windows 11 involves log in again on the same networkso as to be able to restore any incorrect settings with IP addresses and with the management of network protocols.

To proceed, press the icon at the bottom right Wi-Fipress the arrowhead next to the key Wi-Fi and finally press the key Log out present next to the problematic network we are connected to.

After disconnection, repeat the steps to connect to the network again, taking care to enter the Wi-Fi access password and set the network as private (but only if we are connected to our personal modem).

2) Turn Wi-Fi off and on again

Another very simple trick to restart the Wi-Fi is to turn off and on the connection module on our computer. The fastest procedure is to press the Wi-Fi button on the function keys; on laptops it may be necessary to press FN first and then one of the keys at the top.

Alternatively, we can deactivate and reactivate the Wi-Fi by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right and pressing this time on the Wi-Fi button to turn off the connection; wait a few seconds then press the same key again to restart it.

3) Reset the Windows 11 network settings

A very quick and effective method to solve Wi-Fi connection problems on Windows 11 involves resetting the network settings, which can be done by pressing WIN+I on the keyboard, selecting the menu Network and the Internetby clicking on Advanced network settingsby pressing on Network reset and finally clicking on the button Restore.

After performing this reset, restart the PC for the changes to take effect; on restart we try to connect to the problematic wifi network to see if the internet connection works.

4) Run network troubleshooter

Another tool very effective recovery for Wi-Fi it is possible to use it by pressing WIN+I on the keyboard and taking us to the path System -> Troubleshoot -> More troubleshooters.

From this screen, press the button Run present next to the items Internet connections, Incoming connections e Network card to restore every aspect of the active connection on Windows 11.

Even after this reset, we restart the PC for the changes to take effect and, the next time we start up, we try to connect to the preferred Wi-Fi network.

5) Reset TCP/IP connection

An advanced trick to fix Wi-Fi problems on Windows 11 can be exploited directly from the command prompt. To proceed, press the Start menu, search cmdright click on the app Command Prompt and press up Run as administrator.

From the prompt screen we launch the following commands (one at a time):

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

After running these commands we restart the PC to finish the restore the Wi-Fi connection; at the next restart we will be able to connect to the preferred network again without problems.

6) Repair or reinstall the Wi-Fi card drivers

If all the suggestions seen so far have not helped, now is the right time to focus on the Wi-Fi adapter driverswhich probably have some problems or were recently updated with some broken package.

To proceed, right-click on the Start menu, click on Device managementwe expand the section Network cardswe identify the Wi-Fi network card, right-click on it, select the item Propertylet’s go to the tab Driver and press up Roll back drivers.

Alternatively we can either press on Update drivers (and launch a search for drivers with Windows Update) or, after having connected an ethernet cable between PC and modempress on Uninstall devicetaking care to also check the item to completely remove the driver.

At the end we install the Wi-Fi card driver again using Windows Update or a program to install updated drivers such as Driver Booster.

7) Restart your modem/router

Did we get any improvement? In this case the responsible could be the modem or router we are using to connect. First we try to turn it off (with the appropriate button or by removing the electrical socket) and turn it on again after 5 minutes.

If the restart is not enough we check that the fundamental cables (telephone cable or fiber cable) are connected, then we access the modem/router control panel and change the Wi-Fi password or change the network transmission channel, as also seen in our guide on how to change wifi channel on modem.

If this trick doesn’t work either, there’s nothing left to do but reset the modem to the initial settings; to proceed we can rely on our guide on how to reset modem.


Malfunctioning Wi-Fi can be bad news for those who often use their Windows 11 PC to work! With the advice set out in the guide we will be able to fix all Wi-Fi problems yourselfwithout calling any computer technician and without having to contact the assistance of the telephone operator.

If the problem is due to the Internet connection (and Wi-Fi has nothing to do with it) we invite you to read our guide on how request operator assistance from TIM, WindTre, Vodafone, Fastweb.


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