Windows 11’s Paint will generate AI images from user sketches

Windows 11's Paint will generate AI images from user sketches

During the month of November 2023 Microsoft implemented the Cocreatoruseful for AI image generation, in the tool Paint.

In recent days, however, the Redmond company has announced how the Cocreator and Paint combination is destined for new features that are fascinating to say the least. Taking advantage of the capabilities of new computers Copilot+ PCit will be possible to create drawings extrapolated from sketches created by hand by users in real time.

Until now Cocreator only allowed image generation through textual inputs. Something appreciable but far from revolutionary given the many tools today capable of doing the same.

Regarding this news, a short clip appeared on the official Windows YouTube channel just 5 secondswhich comprehensively demonstrates the new potential of the Cocreator – Paint combination.

Cocreator and Paint: this is how user sketches become artistic images

According to Microsoft, this new type of graphics processing works through an advanced algorithm, capable of generating very high quality images with an unusually low number of steps.

As you can appreciate in the short video, Cocreator offers a named cursor Creativity which allows the user to directly control the freedom of interpretation of the AI.

The ability to generate images in real time using this tool appears to be exclusive to Copilot+ PCs equipped with it NPU and, at least at the moment, it is not known whether this will be within the reach of any Windows 11 user in the future.

Microsoft’s challenge in the field of AI applied to image generation is certainly not simple. GIVE HERan already established platform in this sector, has recently introduced an interesting function to make content generation more fluid.

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