Windows: here is the Magic Eraser tool to edit photos with AI

Windows: here is the Magic Eraser tool to edit photos with AI

Microsoft just announced an integration that, for the ecosystem Windows, turns out to be a very interesting novelty. We are talking about the so-called “magic eraser” better known as Magic Eraser.

This tool allows you to selectively work on certain parts of an image, erasing elements within it. All this will be possible directly fromPhotos appwhich comes by default with Windows installations.

We talked about a “news” for Microsoft because, in fact, similar systems have already been adopted by Google, ASUS e Samsung successfully over the past few months.

Whether it is a person who appears in a photo involuntarily or an unwanted element, through the Magic Eraser tool it will be possible to reconstruct the photo by eliminating the element, also thanks to the integration of theArtificial intelligence. This evaluates both the real dimensions of the object or subject to be removed, also reconstructing what should appear in its place.

Magic Eraser arrives on Windows 11… and beyond

Microsoft will not limit itself to introducing the magic eraser on Windows 11. The company itself, in fact, has made it known that the introduction of all AI editing functions for photos and images will be available also on Windows 10.

However, it should be remembered that these functions are intended for Windows Insider users. Microsoft, in fact, has made it known how “This update is starting to roll out to Windows Insiders across all channels today. Make sure to update your app to version number 2024.11020.21001.0 or later“.

Microsoft’s official blog post doesn’t reveal whether AI-edited images will feature metadata o watermark for distinction compared to non-manipulated content.

The application of AI in the context of photo editing will, without a doubt, be a constant over the next few months. In this sense too Apple has already made its move by proposing a specific tool for editing images via text prompt.

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