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Windows, how to find your computer’s serial number

As is well known to all more “expert” users, Windows never shows the PC serial numberprobably for security reasons, so that no one ever has access to confidential information relating to a given computer.

However, this code may be needed for several operations, from request for assistance until the search for updates and firmware of the components inside the machine, and you may need to devise some strategy to get hold of them.

Let’s see how to find out the PC serial number.

  • 1. What is the serial number of a Windows PC

    The serial number of a PC Windows it’s a alphanumeric number which identifies the computer.

    This code can be used online at manufacturer’s website of the machine to find useful information for the userdownload any update files and other useful resources for your product, including maintenance or specific software.

    Furthermore, this code also allows you to correctly identify the computerhighlighting the technical specifications and any information that may be useful for the user and the manufacturer.

    From this serial it is also possible to find out more about the terms of product warranty and, in case of problems that require technical intervention from the support team, it can be requested from the user in order to help the experts identify and resolve the problem.

  • 2. Find out the serial number via command prompt

    Clearly it is possible to find out the serial number of the PC using the Windows command promptby entering a specific code that will show what is requested on the screen.

    First you need to open Command Prompt, to do this, just right-click on the button Start and select the option Terminal.

    Alternatively you can press the button together Windows + rto type cmd in the dialog box and press Enter.

    Inside the terminal you need to type the code: wmic bios get serialnumber (it is important to enter only this code, without punctuation) and press the Enter key again.

    At this point the computer’s serial number will be displayed on the screen, under the heading Serial Number. The user, therefore, just has to copy it and save it elsewhere so as to always have it at hand.

    If the PC serial number is not available on this screen, the manufacturer may be to blame for not saving it in the computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware.

    If this were the case, instead of the correct code only a zero will appear next to the wording Serial Number.

  • 3. Check BIOS or UEFI

    Alternatively you can look up your Windows PC’s serial number in the information screen firmware settings in the BIOS or in theUEFI(which is the natural evolution of the BIOS).

    It must be remembered, however, that this system will not work if, as seen in the previous paragraph, the above data has not been entered correctly by the manufacturer.

    To search for the necessary information in the BIOS or UEFI you need to enter the appropriate screen which is generally accessible before the PC starts by pressing the manufacturer-specified key (usually F8, F12, del, or crtl).

    Here in the screen of system information the serial number of your Windows PC should be present.

    However, this way the user will only be able to read the code and not copy it and will be forced to write it by hand on a sheet of paper.

    It is important to underline that, for less experienced users, accessing these settings could be dangerous and, therefore, it is recommended not to touch any of the settings within it.

  • 4. Find the serial number on the PC and on the box

    Not everyone knows it but, often, the serial number of a PC is physically placed on a sticker attached to the computer same or on box.

    Sui notebookIt can usually be found attached at the bottom of the devicenear the battery.

    In the case of a Desktop PCinstead, is usually found on a sticker that can be placed on the back of the machineto the side or more rarely inside the case. In the latter case, obviously, you will need to open the PC to access the serial port.

    If the device was registered on the manufacturer’s websiteby connecting to the specific page dedicated to assistance it may be possible to find the information you need, although to be honest it is a rather rare eventuality and, unless the user has registered himself, it is unlikely the serial will already be present online.

    Finally, trivially, this serial number often comes written on the original box of the product or on the receipt issued by the dealer for the warranty.

    If the PC was purchased online all the documentation may have been also sent via email to the buyer and, among other things, there should also be the serial number of the PC.

    It is not uncommon for some manufacturers to provide buyers with a kind of PC ID card where, in addition to the serial number, a whole series of information is printed to identify the device, the owner or the company that uses this device.

    Clearly, the situation changes in the case of a User-assembled PCin that case it could be more complicated to find all the necessary documentation and, obviously, the owner himself will have to take care of entering the device’s serial number.

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