Windows Migration Assistant, the software for migrating to macOS

Windows Migration Assistant, the software for migrating to macOS

Apple has just confirmed the availability of the new version of Windows Migration Assistantfree software designed to assist Microsoft operating system users who are considering the switch to macOS.

Known in Europen by the name of Migration Assistantthe Apple utility is designed to simplify the process of transferring files, data and settings from a Windows-based computer to a Mac. It is therefore a particularly useful tool for those who intend to move from a PC running Windows operating system to a macOS-based computer without having to restore manually all data and configurations.

Thanks to the support for macOS SonomaThe latest version of Apple’s operating system for desktop systems, Windows Migration Assistant helps automate and optimize the task of copying contacts, calendars, email accounts, photos, documents, files and other data from a Windows PC to a Mac.

How Windows Migration Assistant works and what it allows you to do

Before proceeding, you need to verify that your Windows computer is updated with all the patches released by Microsoft. To start the data transfer, it is also essential to have an administrator account on the Windows PC, know the relevant password and log in to the system with these credentials.

Both systems, i.e. the Windows machine and the macOS computer receiving the data, must be present at the same time connected to the same local network.

Data Migration Assistant from Windows to macOS

The Windows Migration Assistant utility automatically locates devices (macOS side, the option must be chosen Da un PC Windows). The request for verification of codice PIN allows you to make sure that the two devices, the Windows one and the macOS one, are actually connected.

The list of information that can be transferred from the Windows machine appears on the macOS system and you are asked to create an administrative account.

Selecting Windows data to transfer to macOS

In any case, Apple suggests temporarily disabling automatic Windows updates, anti-malware software, firewall and any VPNs before starting data transfer with Windows Migration Assistant.

Apple has set up an official support page that details the migration process. In the same document, you also find information that Windows Migration Assistant can copy from one system to another. In addition to those already mentioned above, there are email messages and related settings Windows Mail e Outlook. The macOS Mail app receives this information while, for example, Safari will acquire all bookmarks from Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even from the old Safari for Windows that has long been unsupported.

Windows compatibility

As proof of how much Apple pushes to steal market shares from Microsoft, just think that the previous version of Windows Migration Assistant ( was also compatible with Windows 7as well as all subsequent versions of the operating system.

Windows Migration Assistant v3.0.0.0 works with macOS Sonoma 14.4 and later. As for Windows, however, it supports Windows 10 e Windows 11those currently supported by Microsoft.

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