Windows PC automatic shutdown with sleep timer

Computer shutdownSetting the computer to shut down automatically after some time can be especially useful in cases where you watch television with a TV card or if you leave your PC to download or if you listen to music and want to that turns off after a certain period of inactivity. While it may seem like a difficult thing to do, we can actually use the prompt to schedule shutdown or one of the many sleep timer programs available for Windows.In the following guide, we will show you then how to automatically shut down a Windows PC with a sleep timer, showing you the simplest methods and within the reach of all users and the methods that can be used by those who are already expert in prompts and want to act without downloading unnecessary programs on the computer.

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How to shut down your PC automatically

As mentioned in the introduction we can both use free programs and use prompt commands to automatically turn off the computer with Windows operating system (from Windows 7 to Windows 10). We have complete freedom as to which method to use, as they are all effective, safe, and tested.

Programs to shut down PC automatically

If we want to use a program for automatic shutdown of a Windows PC with a sleep timer we can rely on Shutter Lite, available for download from SnapFiles.

Using this program is very simple: we press the button Add at the top to indicate the shutdown time or the time in which to apply the automatic shutdown, press on Add at the bottom to choose the shutdown procedure (using the voice Shutdown), then press Start at the bottom to start programming and shut down the PC automatically.

Alternatively, we can implement the automatic shutdown of a Windows PC with a sleep timer using the program Wise Auto Shutdown, downloadable from the official website.
Auto Shutdown

Also in this case the program is really very simple to configure: we can program the automatic shutdown by activating the checkmark on the item Shutdown and choosing one of the temporal events present on the right side of the application, such as a certain date or time, a certain period of time passed, a daily schedule or shut down the PC after a certain period of inactivity. At the end of the configuration, press the Start task button to start programming the automatic shutdown.

If we are interested in other similar programs we invite you to read our guide programs to shut down your computer automatically.

Prompt commands to shut down PC automatically

In addition to the programs, we can activate the automatic shutdown of a Windows PC with a sleep timer using the Command Prompt, which can be called up from the Start menu. Once the prompt is open we type the following command:

shutdown.exe -s -t XX -f

Where instead of the XX we have to enter the wait value in seconds before activating the forced shutdown (the computer will shut down whatever we are doing and with any active program). For example, we can enter 3600 seconds (ie an hour) or more simply use the hour-second converter on the Google page.

If we want to schedule the shutdown with Scheduled operations we open a new text document (.txt) with the block notes (we find it in the Start9 menu and copy the above command inside without the t value:

shutdown.exe -s -f

In the end, we save the text file with the name “shutdown.bat” thus transforming it into a batch file. This file can be used as a basis for scheduled operations: to proceed we open the app Scheduled operations from the Start menu and create a new activity, choosing the desired activation time for automatic shutdown as the activation time. If you’ve never used Scheduled Operations before, please read our guide How to schedule tasks on Windows.

Alternative commands to shutdown

In addition to turning off the computer automatically, it is also possible to put it in hibernation, standby, or restart; for example, we can establish a continuous and daily shutdown time as a scheduler in case the computer is used to download leaving it on for several hours without our presence.

All the programs have seen above also offer the scheduling of reboot and other modes, but if we want to act from the command prompt or with a scheduled schedule we must use the commands below:

shutdown -r -f
shutdown -h -f
shutdown -i -f

To discover other useful commands from the prompt, please read our guide Guide to Dos Command Prompt on Windows.


By carefully following the tips and tricks in the chapters above we will be able to program the automatic shutdown of a Windows PC with a sleep timer, so as to let the computer work when we are not at home or at night and, when no longer necessary, leave it to turn off by itself after a certain period of time or after it has been inactive for a long time (such as at the end of a download or a graphic rendering).

In another article, we showed you how to turn off the computer remotely.
In another post we can find other methods for restart or wake up Windows automatically after Stand By or Sleep / Hibernation, so you can turn on your pc faster by recovering all the programs and files we were working on.


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