Windows Server: Copilot’s presence is a simple mistake

Windows Server: Copilot's presence is a simple mistake

The users of Windows Server 2022 have noticed during the last few days the appearance of the app Copilot among the installed programs. This sudden presence has alarmed some, given that the Redmond company has not announced this news in any way.

In reality, this theoretical implementation is nothing more than a simple mistake Microsoft. This is, in fact, a test performed by the company regarding Windows Server 2025. The company has therefore confirmed how the error occurred on the operating systems Windows 10 22H2 e Windows 11 21H2 and subsequent versions.

According to what Microsoft itself confirmed, in these contexts a new one could be mistakenly installed MSIX package named Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows. This would lead to Copilot appearing among your installed apps.

Windows Server and Copilot: a simple mistake by Microsoft and not a real implementation

What apparently triggered this error was a browser update Edge. Despite what happened, Microsoft is keen to point out that the added app is not functional, therefore it does not collect any type of data from the company servers.

The company then clarified how “As part of the resolution to this issue, the chat provider for Copilot in the Windows component will be removed from devices on which Copilot should not be installed and enabled. This includes most Windows Server devices“.

In reality, Copilot has already been the protagonist of some tests, which took place at the beginning of this year, relating to a build version of Windows Server 2025. However, the company then backtracked after the community expressed disappointment with this implementation.

Regarding Copilot, Microsoft and Intel seem intent on finding ways to push users towards local use of the AI model. Beyond easing the burden on the two tech giants when it comes to data processing, this could also push users to buy new computers with integrated AI.

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