Windows Server, Office and much more: Licensel, look at the discounts with the coupon

Windows Server, Office and much more: Licensel, look at the discounts with the coupon

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Windows Server“, explains Microsoft, “It is the platform for creating an infrastructure of connected applications, networks and web services, from the workgroup to the data center. Connect on-premises environments with Azure, adding additional layers of security while enabling you to modernize your applications and infrastructure“. For anyone who knows its potential and uses it, Licensel becomes an obligatory point of reference thanks to the significant savings it is able to make available for server solutions of all types. The secret lies in the software’s engagement formula: not a purchase according to traditional channels, but the acquisition of a license code (legitimate, genuine, legal) to be applied during the activation phase of the software itself. The mechanism is simple: you download the software from the original site, install it, then use the activation code to start work. It will be exactly like having acquired the software using traditional methods, but in the meantime you will have saved considerable sums.

Here are some of the options available, with a warning right away: using the discount code SOFTWARE10 you can cut the price by a further 10%..

Windows Server and other operating systems

The portfolio of solutions made available by Licensel provides a vast range of opportunities, but to fully understand what type of economic advantage is available, let’s start from the most sought after ones in the Windows Server sector:

  • Windows Server 2022 Standard a 79,90€ (71,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Windows Server Standard 2019 a 49,90€ (44,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • SQL Server Standard 2019 a 129,90€ (116,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Windows Server 2022 Datacenter a 79,90€ (71,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)

It seems completely clear that when faced with similar prices the economic advantage is highly attractive, allowing for significant savings while purchasing a copy that is completely identical to the original one. In fact, these are disused licenses, available on the secondary market and new in all respects as they have never been used before. Licensel’s reputation (proven by the numerous reviews collected), purchase insurance (with reimbursement of up to 2500 Euros in case of problems) and continuous technical assistance (also via WhatsApp) are the ultimate guarantee for the quality of this type of purchase.

Windows Server

For those who are looking for a simple version of Windows for Desktop, these are the discounted prices available at the moment:

  • Windows 10 Home a 23,90€ (21,51€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Windows 10 Pro a 23,90€ (21,51€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Windows 11 Home a 29,90€ (26,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Windows 11 Pro a 34,90€ (31,41€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)


Where there is Windows, there is an operator ready to use his creativity and talent to achieve some objective. Office, the most widespread productivity suite in the world, thus becomes an obligatory passage for documents, presentations, spreadsheets and so on. Also in this case, Licensel is able to offer targeted answers, whether you want to access Office with a “lifetime” purchase or whether you want to access it with a subscription formula (€59.90 for 1 year of use) .

The most convenient way of all is that of a one-off purchase, which with just a few euros allows you to have Office available for life. These are just some of the options available:

  • Office 2021 Professional Plus a 39,90€ (35,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Office 2019 Professional Plus a 29,90€ (26,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Office 2021 Home & Business per Mac a 69,90€ (62,91€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus a 23,90€ (21,51€ using the coupon SOFTWARE10)

Office su Licensel

Other software

The depth of the Licensel offer also goes well beyond just Windows and Office, targeting parallel areas that are completely essential for any workstation – such as the antivirus world, VPNs or PDF editors. Among the latter, in particular, software such as Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 is among the most searched for on Licensel since, with 30 Euros saved, it is possible to have your own application available to manage and modify any PDF document as if it were a traditional Word document.

If you add Corel products or CAD drawing applications to this, the picture of the situation is complete and paints a horizon full of opportunities to exploit.

The discount increases with the coupon

To fully seize the opportunity, here is a coupon capable of further lowering the (already rock-bottom) prices available on Licensel for the month of May. Using the code SOFTWARE10In fact, you can get one extra 10% discount on all the products in the catalogue, other and additional Euros that you can keep in your pocket to be able to invest in other ideas, other software, other potential.

From the moment of purchase, within a few minutes you will receive the activation code via email: at that point it will be sufficient to proceed with download, installation and activation of the software, thus being able to be operational almost instantly. Licensel è Microsoft Certified Partner and its licenses can be used at home or in the company in a completely legitimate way, providing continuous assistance in Europen and guaranteeing maximum support in the face of any type of problem during installation and use.

License, recensioni su Trustpilot

In short, all that remains is to choose and buy, because the prices for the month of May are easily candidates to be among the most convenient of all in 2024.

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