Windows: soon possible to extract text from photos taken with Android

Windows: soon possible to extract text from photos taken with Android

Through the app Connection to Windows Of Microsoft it will soon be possible to select and copy text from images on a smartphone Android.

The new and interesting feature appeared in the build in the testing phase and therefore, net of technical problems and postponements, it will soon be available to all users. The Windows Shortcut app is a useful tool for syncing different aspects (such as notifications, messages, calls, and pictures) between devices Android e computer Windows. The app also works, albeit with some limitations, with devices iOS.

Although it was already possible to achieve a similar result, through the Snipping toolthis new implementation should ensure that users can switch from Android image to text on Windows with a single, quick step

The function we are talking about is available with the version 1.24051.91.0 of Windows Connection and is available with the Insider Preview Build 22635.3646 beta program. How does this new system for obtaining text from images behave on a practical level?

Extract text from photos taken on Android? The Windows Link app isn’t perfect yet

Although this introduction is appreciable, it must be said that the system OCR (i.e. of optical character recognition) of the app in question still seems to demonstrate some uncertainty.

Those who have been able to experience first-hand the potential of the new version of Connection to Windows have in fact confirmed how, although the extrapolation of the text appears quickthe output tends to have more errors than similar systems proposed by Samsung o Apple.

In short, the use of this new method currently seems useful mainly for small jobs but, for more massive text extraction, users may need to adopt more specific tools. The many software and services available in this specific sector, in fact, have reached a level of sophistication that was unthinkable even just a few years ago.

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