With Apple, security is at the highest level: the new short with all the features

The Underdogs Of Appleor the protagonists of an advertising campaign of the Cupertino giant who, with a good dose of irony, puts showcasing the features of products such as iPhone and Mac. The latest episode is called “Swiped Mac” and can be understood as a real short, given the duration of over 8 minutes.

With Apple, security is at the highest level: even thieves surrender to the evidence

Con Swiped Mac the funniest design team ever is back. On a particularly important day (that of the presentation of a project to obtain funding), the impossible happens. The MacBook Air of one of the protagonists, left unattended, is stolen by two thieves. On the notebook, however, there is all the material for the presentation, which is why a Chase with flakes and with a few twists.

While the thieves try to resell the MacBook Air (with negative results, because the notebook is password protected), the four protagonists manage to track down the two criminals thanks to the Where. Meanwhile, between one stop and the next, other features of Apple devices are shown in use, such as payments with Apple Watch, the crittografia end-to-endTouch ID, Face ID, video calls FaceTimeSafari’s security measures and also the ability to remotely block a corporate device (the MacBook Air, in fact).

All’s well that ends well, and the merit is all of the security measures offered by the Cupertino giant throughout its ecosystem. However, as useful and entertaining as the new spot is, there is more than one “but”. To be picky and close to reality, thieves wouldn’t have much trouble selling a stolen and locked MacBook Air “for spare parts”. Furthermore, it is not advisable to go after criminals who could be dangerous for your safety.

So what to do in case of theft? The wisest choice would be to check if the device is still discoverable via the Find My e network then turn to the police to attempt to recover it as safely as possible.


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