With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS the installation of the operating system changes a lot

With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS the installation of the operating system changes a lot

We know well that GNU/Linux systems are not as popular on the desktop as they are on the server side. With the release of Ubuntu 24.04, scheduled for April 2024, Canonical is about to set a real milestone. The company involved in the development, updating and promotion of the Ubuntu distro is preparing to renew theinstallation experience of the operating system. And it’s important news, primarily because Ubuntu 24.04 is one versione LTS (Long Term Support), intended to be supported until June 2029; second because the intent is to align the pattern of provisioning to that employed on the server side.

What is the concept of provisioning and why Canonical brings it to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

The term provisioning refers to the preparation and configuration of a system, and is a concept often associated with server contexts. With the arrival of Ubuntu 22.04, Canonical is introducing some of the features mainly used in deployment server side also in the case of thedesktop installation on Ubuntu.

The decision is the result of discussions with i hardware manufacturers (OEM): according to their assessments, Canonical was excessively focused on an overly traditional approach to installation which instead should evolve towards a process of provisioning. This transition aims to streamline the development process and makes life easier for those who have to install Ubuntu in managed environments.

What the new Ubuntu 24.04 installation looks like

In the new installation procedure of Ubuntu 24.04 and following, the screen of language selection remains unchanged. However, a new selection dedicated to accessibility optionsallowing users to configure those preferences before installation.

The setting of keyboard layout becomes the third screen, following the new architectural design. Some steps, such as the one for connecting to a network, have been improved to make the experience significantly faster and more intuitive than the previous solution.

Choice of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS installation type

Also the screen through which you can select the type of installation, is now presented more prominently. The most significant change, however, concerns the screen foraccount setup, which now appears before the time zone selection. However, this is a temporary approach: some new features are expected for version 24.10: starting from this release, user creation will take place after the first start of the system.

Creating Ubuntu 24.04 user accounts

Ubuntu 24.04 is about to “sow a seed” on the subject of provisioning because new options will be manageable by OEMs in a completely automated way, even downstream of routine main installation as Canonical releases updated versions.

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