Workers with AI expertise get higher wages

Workers with AI expertise get higher wages

According to a survey by Amazon Web Service (AWS) workers who have skills inArtificial intelligence they can get wages up to 44% greater than their colleagues. The sectors most affected by this increase, it seems, are IT, finance e marketing.

The investigation, carried out in collaboration with Access Partnership, included an interview with 4,664 employers e 14,896 employeescoming from different states of thethe Asian area is Pacific (Australia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea).

According to the data that emerged, the 39% of employers in sales and marketing are willing to increase your salary significantly. Similar story for financial services, where the percentage remains almost identical (37%).

In general, Indian employers prove to be the most inclined to a salary increase: those interviewed, in fact, declared that they wanted to offer a salary increase up to 54% for AI experts.

Employers and AI: 51% say it can substantially increase productivity

The reason for this bias among employers towards AI expertise is clear. According to 51% of those interviewed, in fact, the use of this technology can substantially increase productivity.

In this context, for the 64% the greatest advantages will be obtained through the automation of activities, while for the 60% AI will help employees improve their workflow and results.

According to information shown by AWS, among workers, the 93% believes their AI skills will have a positive impact on their career through improved efficiency, greater job satisfaction and a faster career progression.

Another significant finding concerns how workers see the future of AI. By 2028for the 92% of those interviewed, this technology will be an integral part of their working day. Returning to talking about employers, in reality, the 75% states that it is still difficult to find real AI talent. For the 79%the hiring of qualified workers represents an absolute priority for your company.

If it is clear that workers in the context of AI are sought after, it is however clear that this technology is destined to reduce the number of companies’ employees. According to data from FMIin fact, the 40% of current jobs are potentially at risk.

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