World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. New updates to the horizon

On Tuesday, we got a new World of Warcraft expansion from BlizzardActivision called Dragonflight that adds new gear, gear and characters. This will allow fans many hours of fun.
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.  New updates to the horizon

Surely, one of the most important sections of the world of World of Warcraft is the creation of the character, with which it is possible to choose not only the physical features but also race, equipment and weapons of various types that guarantee a huge cauldron for the player. Recently, through a live broadcast on Blizzard’s official channels, we were able to see a new expansion entitled Dragonflight, which took place last Tuesday, April 20, with which we could see new accessories for the most popular MMO in the world.

Among the many things there will be new classes among which Drachtyr Evoker stands out, even if it has some characteristics different from other dragons as, at least until now, there are only two types of dragon, the first the typical one while the second one more small that helps players to get out of more difficult situations: it would seem that the Drachyrs have this function within the expansion.

In addition it will be possible, through this new class, to imitate a deadly dragon not only in appearance, but also in movements and in the fight, possibly also helping the other traveling companions.

The beauty of this new class is not limited only to the useful and pleasant side during the battles, but the possibility of creating your own character has always been the basis of this world and of RPGs in a general way (although it has not yet been confirmed if will broaden this aspect).

With the launch of Shadowlannds in November 2020, a similar aspect was missing even if in this latest expansion we were dedicated to other aspects of the world of World of Warcraft, such as subclasses, new lands and additional missions. One of the best aspects of the game is the ability to change the look of the game, even if it is a choice mainly made by the developers to direct the attention of the public towards new updates.

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