how to write on whatsapp
Writing on Whatsapp is easy, just choose the conversation, write and send the message to be able to send it to individuals or groups.
As a result of the various updates of the application, however, various tools have been added from time to time that allows today to write messages on Whatsapp and send them in different ways, transforming the text either through forwarding, replying, quoting or even writing them by voice.
Following these suggestions becomes easy to become super experts in writing Whatsapp messages, to be more creative and more fun, or even to make it easier to send each message quickly.READ ALSO: Whatsapp functions to be known to be experts

1] Write the messages in bold, italic or underlined

As we have already learned, thanks to a hidden setting it is possible to write on Whatsapp in bold, italic, and underlined.
Very briefly we can write in bold by putting an asterisk before and after the word, for example, * hello * becomes Hello.
You can write in italics by putting underscores, for example, _coast_ and then it becomes Hello.
You can write a barred word with a line on Whatsapp ~ hello ~ which then becomes Hello.
Unfortunately writing in this way is so impractical there are few people who remember it and, in fact, it is used very little.

NOTE: you can also change the message font in Whatsapp writing the word with these symbols “ `“`

2] Sending the same message on multiple chats

If you want to send the same message in multiple single chats or group conversations, you can write it and send it the first time, then, once you have sent it, touch it and hold it until the top options appear.
Use the forward arrow to enter mode forwards to and touch all the conversations to which you want to send that same message.

3] Use broadcast to make a communication to more people

While we all use the group function, very few use broadcasting which allows us to send the same message to more people.
In this case, the broadcast does not open individual conversations with all those included but remains displayed as if it were a group.
The fundamental difference is that the answers received will be readable only by us and not by the other participants in the group.
The limit of a broadcast is

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4] Call the attention of specific contacts in groups using the name tag

In a group with so many people you might want to respond to a message from a specific person, putting his or her name.
In this case, you can tag the name on Whatsapp as you do on Facebook so that this person gets a special notification that you can’t ignore.
To do this, just put the @ before the name, for example, @Claudio.

5] Whatsapp has an answering machine

If we use Whatsapp to call, when a contact does not answer us, three buttons appear at the bottom, one to call back, one to go back and a third to leave a voice message directly, which will be received in the chat with this person along with the notification of the missed call.

6] Look for GIFs to send in Whatsapp

As already written, with WhatsApp, it is possible to send animated GIFs.
Not only does Whatsapp support animated GIFs, but it also allows you to search for them from your smartphone’s keyboard.
To search for the most appropriate GIF to send, then, on Android, touch the smiley button to open the emoji list, touch the GIF button at the bottom, and then the search button to find the one you prefer.
On the iPhone, instead, you have to press the col + key in the chat window and then look for the GIF with the button on the bottom left.

7] Write and send Whatsapp messages by voice

To write Whatsapp messages by voice it is necessary to use voice assistants, Siri for iPhone and OK Google for Android.
Once Siri is activated, the voice command to write messages on Whatsapp is: “Send a WhatsApp message”.
Siri will then ask to tell the recipient’s name and then to dictate the message.
On Android smartphones with the Ok Google voice command, we must say the phrase “Send a WhatsApp message to “and then dictate the text.
Obviously, in the case of voice-dictated messages, it is better to be brief and clear.

8] Have messages received by phone read to you by voice

Using Siri on iPhone it is possible to request the reading of the last message received telling Siri: Read WhatsApp messages.
Siri also gives the possibility to always answer by voice.

9] Use Whatsapp as a file archive

As seen, even if Whastapp does not offer a real cloud service like that of Telegram, it is possible to adopt a simple trick to save photos, videos, and documents on the Whatsapp cloud.

10] Delete photos and files from Whatsapp groups

In another article, we saw an external app that allows you to find and delete Whatsapp images from groups and chats to free up the phone memory, in a simple way.
Without using external apps you can see all the files received in a group or a chat to review them and delete them by pressing the options button, the one with the three dots at the top right, then tapping on Average.
On the iPhone, it is also possible to see which conversations take up more space within the phone’s memory from settings> Accounts.
In another article, we have also seen how to disable the automatic download of photos and videos on Whatsapp

11] Use Whatsapp offline

As seen in another guide, you can stay offline on Whatsapp and not be seen online only under certain conditions.

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