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X, Elon Musk ready to eliminate hashtags

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, many changes have occurred on the platform, which has even changed name and she turned into X. After creating paid plans, new account verification methods, eliminating some features, such as Circles, and introducing new features, such as calls and video calls to be made directly on the social networkis thinking of a real revolution which would involve hashtags.

An element that has always allowed users to participate in conversations, comment on events, shows, anniversaries and events, and build communities, it seems not to have the approval of Elon Musk and, for this reason, it could disappear permanently. The entrepreneur himself made this clear, through some responses to some users.

Elon Musk against the use of hashtags, his words

Elon Musk may be reconsidering the role of hashtags on, former Twitter, and could lead to their definitive removal. She clarified this by answering a question from a user on the platform and reacting to a survey started by other members.

In detail, Musk, commenting on a survey on eliminating hashtags, has them defined as a ‘relic of the past’highlighting how keywords or phrases work better and can do the same job as hashtags.

His words immediately alerted X users, now accustomed to sudden changes and net desired by the entrepreneur. With the elimination of hashtags, X would differentiate itself more from what it had been in the past, i.e. Twitter, but would users be able to use it with the same simplicity?

They were different the reactionsamong those who showed concern, those who declared they did not appreciate the hypothesis of an X without a hashtag and those who, however, appeared intrigued by this possibility.

Hashtags on X, what they are and how they work

The absence of hashtags would be and radical change for X, since these represent an important element. They are represented by the # symbol, which precedes keywords and topics and allows users’ posts to be cataloged, making them easily identifiable by those who may be interested in viewing them.

By clicking on a hashtag you can access all the posts that talk about a certain topic, encouraging the start of conversations and discussions and, sometimes, the birth of real communities. Trending hashtags indicate which topics are most addressed by Internet users and can be a stimulus to the search for news and information.

Removing hashtags means completely changing how people find posts that might interest them and how users connect with each other. At the moment, this is just a hypothesisbut Elon Musk could soon announce news on the matter.


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