X, Elon Musk's platform launches audio-video calls

Xa platform formerly known as Twitter, is launching a system of audio-video calls. In the last few hours, several users of the social network have reported a notification received when opening the app announcing the introduction of this interesting function.

Among the items in the application menu available to users, one is gradually appearing that reads “Enable audio and video calling” (in Europen Enable audio and video calls) with a brief description of what this entails.

Specifically, the text reports how it is possible “Turn the feature on and then select who you feel comfortable using it with“. This means that, to be able to use audio-video calls, you must have the contact in your address book.

Although the feature has been discovered, the platform has not yet made an official announcement. In this regard however, through i official communication channelsX published a cryptic post shortly before “ready for it…?” (in Europen Ready for this?).

Audio-video calls: for everyone or just paid users?

The owner of Elon Musk, however, has long made vague hints about adding audio-video calls to the platform. For the entrepreneur, in fact, this function was one of the fundamental steps in the evolution of the social network.

Precisely in this regard, Musk recently stated that the functionality will be available on iOS, Android, Mac e PCwithout “No phone number needed” for calls. It is not yet clear whether this introduction will be exclusive to Premium user.

Last month Chris Messinasupporter of philosophy open sourcediscovered that in the X code there were elements that suggested that users would soon have to subscribe to the Premium subscription to the platform to continue using it.

The indiscretion then turned out to be true: in New Zealand and the Philippines, in fact, X is testing a form of annual subscription.


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