X come Telegram: arriva il mercato dei nickname

X is preparing to launch a nickname market and is already looking for buyers. This is a path that Telegram has already followed by introducing collectible usernames at the time of the NFT boom, which can be purchased via the TON blockchain network with ad hoc auctions or private purchases. It is therefore not an absolute novelty in the social world, but rather a logical step for Elon Musk and his associates after the introduction of the Premium Plus and Basic subscriptions for the former Twitter.

Nicknames for sale on X, here’s why

According to what was taken from Forbes citing internal emails, the staff of the social platform in question is apparently working to create a username market focused primarily on inactive accounts. With the aim of releasing unused handles, i.e. those with which no one has logged in in the last 30 days, X would have already offered buyers payments of up to 50,000 dollars to obtain the perfect nickname.

Twitter cambia logo Elon Musk "X"

At the moment there are no public announcements yet as we are still working internally on how free dormant usernames smoothly. Yet, since it was a promise made by Elon Musk several months ago, the future debut of a similar solution remains certain.

In this way, however, the difficult financial circumstances in which the ex-Twitter finds itself could improve, avoiding a future drop in the platform’s valuation. Going by the rumors, some X users have already praised the idea, while others are criticizing it describing it as a “attempt to squeeze every penny out of its user base”.

Source: Forbes


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