X: The Grok AI now creates news using posts published on the social network

X: The Grok AI now creates news using posts published on the social network

The AI ​​segment is currently covered by a few names, such as OpenAI, Google and Microsoft, but the truth is that it is possible to use tools based on artificial intelligence even on platforms not related to the three companies just mentioned. An example is X, the social network owned by Elon Musk. What many still call Twitter today puts Grok available to premium users (therefore with a subscription), a tool that has just been updated with an interesting new feature.

What it is and how it works Stories on X, the new AI feature of Musk’s social network

The update concerns the function Stories on X and was officially announced by the account X Engineering complete with accompanying images that give a better idea. This feature, which can be accessed via the tab Explorehe’s able to generate articles on the most trending topics based on posts published on what was once called the “twitter platform”. The example given concerns a song by Kendrick Lamar that was very popular on Spotify, but X’s AI can take care of practically any topic.

At the end of the “article”, as shown in the screenshot, there is an important warning: «This story is a summary of posts about X and may change over time. Grok can make mistakes, check what is generated». In short, like Gemini, Copilot and ChatGPT, Grok is not free from errors that it could create disinformation.

The disclaimer was not lost on Alex Kantrowitz of Big TechnologyThat asked Elon Musk for some more details. The entrepreneur behind other major players like Tesla and SpaceX explained that the news summary is updated as new information on a topic becomes available because the goal is to “provide the most accurate and timely information, citing the most significant sources“. This clarification has a certain weight, because it means that that of Stories on X it’s not a cauldron where everything ends up without any filter.

This new feature is currently only available to e subscribers only on iOS and web browsers. It is not clear when it will debut on Android and whether, in the future, it will also be made available to users who do not have any subscription.

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