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X under accusation for spreading fake news about Israel: what is happening in the EU

Xformerly known as Twitter, he ended up under accusation in these days of particular tension for the whole world. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been at the center of debate for years and, after a recent terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel, it is among the most discussed topics of the moment. Public opinion is strongly divided and, as can be easily imagined, frequent comparisons take place on social networks and there are many users who decide to use these tools to assert their ideas.

All this has led X, the social network owned by Elon Musk, to become the protagonist of controversy due to the amount of fake news that has been spread on the platform and for the presence of violent content. To accuse the entrepreneur it is the European Unionwhich talks about the spread of illegal content and causing misinformation.

X, the European Union’s accusation against Elon Musk

The first real test of X. This is how the conflict between Israel and Palestine was defined by Mike Rothschild, a scholar of conspiracy theories and fake news. A test which, according to the expert, would have failed spectacularly and which would represent a defeat for the entrepreneur.

He is of the same mind the European Union, which officially warned Musk with an official letter signed by Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services. The accusation is that of fueling disinformation and spreading illegal content following the clashes between Israel and Hamas through its platform.

The law, Breton stated in the letter, establishes specific obligations regarding content moderation. Obligations that become even more important when it comes to violent and terrorist content which, it seems, circulates on X.

The EU’s concern and the invitation to Elon Musk

The concern is highso much so that Breton asked Elon Musk to respond to the letter within 24 hours and to contact Europol, the EU agency for law enforcement cooperation, and to find an adequate solution as soon as possible.

They are necessary, declared Breton, effective mitigation measures proportionate to the severity of the situation and that are capable of reducing public safety risks and promoting a public debate that is as free as possible from disinformation.

If Elon Musk does not prove to be cooperative and does not do what is necessary to guarantee the absence of dangerous content on his platform, could end up at the center of an investigation and be sanctioned if non-compliance with the rules is demonstrated.

Elon Musk, through a post published on X, invited Thierry Breton to list the violations committed and recalled that the company’s approach is aimed at ensuring transparency.

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