X wants to charge new users to publish content

X wants to charge new users to publish content

Xthe platform once known as Twitter, constantly has to deal with a myriad of bot. To find a solution to this phenomenon, Elon Musk seems to have a plan that users won’t like.

According to the profile X Updates Radar yesterday, the social network is thinking about a small sum of money that new users will have to pay to use the platform. The entrepreneur of South African origins confirmed all this and this small payment would be the only concrete way to discourage the proliferation of bots.

According to what Musk stated in a further tweet, new users would have to pay this fee for the first three monthswith then full access to X at no further cost.

On the other hand, a similar test has already been carried out in some specific territories (such as the Philippines and New Zealand) where, starting from October, to open an account it is necessary to pay a dollar.

Paid X for new users: a truly effective solution?

Musk’s intentions, as expected, have raised several criticisms. In fact, for many he seems absurd as one of the major figures in the world in the context ofArtificial intelligence and of roboticsis unable to stem a phenomenon such as that of bots.

In the past,

In recent months, X has not been experiencing a particularly prosperous period. Just a few days ago we talked about how cases have been reported in which the social network was exploited in the context of attacks phishing. Going back a few days, however, the platform’s policy regarding a rain of rain was discussed shadowban motivated.

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