X will allow you to share community posts with followers

Xthe social network formerly known as Twitter, is launching a new option that allows users to share their own posts community con all followers. The feature was announced by Dongwookengineer at X, with a post on the platform. This new feature will initially be available for iOS users onlybut it should also be released soon for the web version of the platform and up Android. Users who wish to broadcast a community post can select the “Also send to followers” when posting the message to the community. Of course, the post will also be visible on profile of the author.

X: Constant improvements to communities to attract more users

The community su X I am public and all users can see the post. However, to comment or post a reaction, you need to make one. If users want to interact with a community post sent by members to their followers, they can only quote it. It is unclear whether the social network will give community administrators the ability to block sharing of posts published with users’ followers. However, this is not the only innovation recently introduced by X. In recent months, Elon Musk’s platform has introduced some improvements to the communities and added new features, to be able to compete with Reddit e Facebook.

Last October, X launched a feature gatekeeping which allowed administrators of private communities to ask users to answer some questions before joining. Based on the answers to these questions, administrators can allow or deny access to applicants. Until now, X limits community creation to account Premium. However, also in October, X extended this functionality to users in Japan. X aims to create a more engaging and competitive social experience. With this move will it be able to make communities more attractive for its users?


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