Xbox and AMD problems: the next console could be released late

Xbox and AMD problems: the next console could be released late


In the challenge between Microsoft e Sony as regards the gaming consolethe next generation could see an “asymmetrical” launch of the two machines.

Apparently, in fact, the next generation of Xbox it could be launched on the market late in spite of PlayStation. The delay would be somehow linked to some delays related to the signing of the contract between Microsoft and AMD.

The YouTuber reported this rumor Moore’s Law Is Dead. According to the podcaster, in fact, the Redmond giant is even considering entering into agreements with NVIDIA e Intel for the next generation of consoles, effectively “dumping” AMD.

The American multinational, which has become famous for the production of video cardswould have already signed agreements with Sony, while there would be some contractual problems with Microsoft.

The Xbox and AMD collaboration is struggling to take off: Intel seems ready to seize the opportunity immediately

Secondo Moore’s Law Is Dead, PlayStation 6 it would already be in the development phase, with the Japanese giant having two contracts with AMD.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has had all the documentation on the table since last December, but apparently the signatures would be slow in arriving. Apparently, there are some behind the company’s hesitation economic conditions considered not very advantageous.

According to what the YouTuber reported, among other things, Intel seems to be very interested in interfering with the intention of establishing a partnership with Microsoft. Beyond the negotiations, what worries gamers is the release timing of the next console which, without substantial changes in direction soon, could be a more than realistic eventuality.

For the company created by Bill Gates this is certainly not an easy period to face. Recently, with OpenAIMicrosoft was sued by New York Times regarding theArtificial Intelligence and how the related instruments are powered.

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