Xbox Cloud Gaming, the app doesn’t arrive on iOS: it’s a question of monetization

Xbox Cloud Gaming, the app doesn't arrive on iOS: it's a question of monetization

To adapt to Digital Markets Act which will come into force in March in European Union countries, Apple has “opened” its iPhone operating system to alternative marketplaces and third-party payment methods. So much will change with iOS 17.4currently in the beta phase, but not everyone will take advantage of the changes in question (already at the center of criticism).

It’s not time for an Xbox Cloud Gaming app on iOS yet: Phil Spencer speaks

Reached by the editorial team of The Vergethe head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer announced that, at least for the moment, There are no plans to launch an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for iOS. The reason for this decision is theinability for the company to monetize through a service client. “Apple’s opening isn’t wide enough for an economic return“Spencer said.

The answer though it is not a dry and definitive “no”., so there is still room for maneuver in the future. The plans on the agenda of the Redmond company could change if Apple were to make changes that guarantee greater earning potential.

We will continue to work with regulators, as well as Apple and Google, to create space for alternative storefronts. I’m a big fan of how Windows works, because there you have Windows Store, you have Steam, you have Epic Games, you have GOG. You have alternatives that I think are just good for consumers and producers. For this reason I believe that the largest platform for gamers, the mobile one, must offer these same possibilities.

Phil Spencer - Xbox - Microsoft

But why is Spencer talking about monetization when now on the App Store Apps for cloud gaming are allowed? To avoid giving up 30% of revenues to Apple it would be enough not to offer the subscription via app (like Spotify, for example) and it is unthinkable that Microsoft offices have not taken this option into consideration.

At this point one might think that Spencer’s comment refers to a alternative marketplacewhich would translate into considerable costs especially due to the commissions to be paid to Apple once one million downloads have been exceeded. And the game may not be worth the candle given that a hypothetical Xbox Store on iOS would only be available in the European Union.

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