In addition to smartphones, ebook readers are also part of Xiaomi’s portable technology bouquet which, in the last few hours, in this sense, has announced a new ebook reader, baptizing it with the little synthetic name of Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro II.
Xiaomi presents the new Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro II e-reader

One of the sectors in which Xiaomi has tried its hand (since the 2019 model), even if not with the same clamor granted to the field of smartphones, is that of ebook readers, with the Chinese giant that, in the past few hours, updating a model that is however recent last year, announced the new Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro II e-reader.

Xiaomi’s Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro II e-reader has a chassis about 7 mm thick, with a weight of 250 grams: the dimensions are ideal for containing a 7.8-inch high-resolution e-ink screen, equal to 1,872 x 1,404 pixels, with 300 pixels per inch (PPI) and an improved sensation of similarity with the paper: in detail, the manufacturer has implemented a system against static flicker while, as regards the front auxiliary backlight, it is possible to switch between warm and cold tones from the light, according to 24 different levels, to find what is right for you, and perhaps adapt to evening-night readings without getting tired.

Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro II provides the Duokan reading software, which for example brings compatibility towards different formats, such as the epub and those of the Office package (Excel, Doc, PPT), without forgetting the txt and the pdf (in this case, being able to reorganize the documents), automatically identifies the keywords, integrates the voice search and allows you to read WeChat conversations.

Inside its enclosure, with a virtually unchanged design compared to the past, operates a quad-core processor (1.8GHz) with 64-bit architecture, the Rockchip RK3566, with Mali-G52 GPU which, thanks to the 2 GB d RAM and 32 GB of storage, has improved the response speed of the system by 109% which, on the energy side, relies on a 3,600 mAh battery which, once fully charged, according to the company, can deliver up to 6 weeks of autonomy in stand-by.

When importing content, the second generation of Xiaomi’s Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro e-reader uses Bluetooth, the microUSB port, and Wi-Fi, necessary to interact with the cloud storage made available by Duokan and Baidu ( a sort of Chinese Google with a local equivalent of GDrive). Set for sale with a recommended list price of 1,299 yuan (186 euros), Xiaomi’s new ebook reader will initially be on sale in the Chinese market, with a promo launch set for today, at a price of 1199 yuan (171 euros). .


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