YouTube? A dangerous tool in the hands of cybercriminals

YouTube?  A dangerous tool in the hands of cybercriminals

The sector of cybercrimine is constantly evolving and companies specializing in IT security are engaged in continuous monitoring and analysis of sector trends.

In this context, the work of Avast highlighted the worrying tendency to abuse YouTube to create campaigns phishing which, combined with refined techniques social engineeringcontribute to making the platform very dangerous.

In fact, in recent months the service has seen the proliferation of deepfake, often shared on channels that seem completely legitimate. This practice is quite effective, as it breaks down the distrust of potential victims.

Precisely to make campaigns even more effective, cybercriminals do not limit themselves to steal accounts with a large number of registered municipalities, but they try to establish collaborations with content creator.

By building a relationship of trust with them, they can then try to steal their profile, further expanding the potential range of action to thousands and thousands of subscribers. The risks associated with YouTube abuse, however, go much further.

Cybercriminals, in fact, exploit the platform in various ways to spread links which direct unsuspecting victims to malicious sites.

Leveraging a widespread hobby like i video gamesvideos with links promising downloads are offered cheat o di counterfeit software. Needless to say, clicking on such links without adequate antivirus active on the device, infection by malware is almost a given.

Likewise, channels offering information on cryptocurrencies are often abused to spread real operations scamnote come crypto-scams.

Although YouTube remains a more than appreciable streaming service, it has in fact become very dangerous in recent years. Precisely for this reason, Avast recommends users to take a very cautious attitude when interacting with this platform.

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