YouTube, a new app is coming for the Apple Vision Pro

Il new Apple Vision Pro is becoming very popular among lovers of Apple devices and technology enthusiasts from all over the world, who can’t wait to be able to buy and test it. It is a virtual reality viewer, the first from the Cupertino company, which allows you to integrate reality and digital and use applications while wearing it. It is currently only available in the United States of America. There was no shortage of first doubts, one of which concerned the initial absence of YouTube among the applications third party available.

However, surprisingly Google appears to be ready to remedy this to this absence on Vision Pro. Let’s find out how.

Apple Vision Pro, there will be the YouTube application

The YouTube application for Apple Vision Pro will be there. This is announced The Vergean American web portal for news, guides and reviews, which it appears to have received an email directly from Jessica Gibby, spokesperson for YouTube and Google. The company would be actively working to fill the void felt by many of those who have already tried the headset, putting it on the agenda the development of a specific app.

Currently, in fact, the only way to view YouTube videos on Apple Vision Pro is to use your browser. However, the experience is not rewarding, since the playback fluidity is not the best and the browser does not support spatial, 360° videos, i.e. those contents in which the perspective changes with the movement of the person.

These are videos that are a real strong point for YouTube, the first to provide for their sharing. Numerous ones can be found on the platform and the VR viewer could be the ideal tool for enjoy the viewing experience to the fullestalthough there are limitations.

YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro, how it will work

The YouTube app compatible with Apple Vision Pro it is still in the planning stage. At the moment it is impossible to know how it will be structured and what content it will make available for the new headset from the Cupertino company.

Space videos could be among the viewable content, but Apple, through statements released to The Vergehe kept us at curb user enthusiasm and to warn of any negative implications. This type of video, in fact, was created to be viewed on devices that are very different from the Apple Vision Pro and which offer a significantly lower quality experience.

At least initially, therefore, the contents may not be of high quality and there may be some inconvenience to movement. Inconveniences that do not exist with the videos, photos and films present su Apple Tv.

While YouTube develops its application and tries to make it suitable to guarantee a high-level experience, a third-party developer has launched Juno, an alternative app to those of Google. Other notable absentees are Netflix and Spotifywho currently appear to have no plans to work on an app for Vision Pro.

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