YouTube accused of espionage for detecting Ad Blockers

During the end of last October, YouTube has begun its phase of repression against so-called ad blockers. All software and extensions useful for blocking ads available on the video platform were targeted.

In fact, the company requires users to watch the videos on the portal complete with advertisements as expected. Otherwise, you will have to sign up for YouTube Premium, so you can leave aside any advertising.

This choice by the giant has annoyed people quite a bit. A privacy consultant has reportedly prepared the groundwork for file criminal charges against YouTube in European territory. The reason could be attributed to the script which the company would use to detect each ad blocker, limiting their use on the platform.

YouTube in trouble, the platform is accused of espionage

Alexander Hanff, this is the name of the consultant working to get the video giant into trouble, would like to take legal action against the famous platform pursuant to the Irish law on computer abuse.

Apparently the national police, to whom Hanff allegedly forwarded information regarding the criminal complaint, requested additional material. The privacy consultant states that YouTube would possess some useful scripts for track without any permission users by depriving them of the use of ad blockers.

This activity could, according to him, be defined as unauthorized surveillance of European Union citizens. One was also presented by Hanff civil complaint which goes against the system used to identify and combat ad blockers.

The Irish Data Protection Commission received this complaint. The authority has now contacted Google and awaits its version of events. Everything could then suddenly turn upside down, with YouTube finding itself having to pull out all the stops when it comes to mandatory advertising.


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