YouTube, an AI tool for creating videos using singers' voices

It is undeniable that in recent years with the development ofgenerative artificial intelligence, any aspect has become possible. In fact, today this important resource can memorize anyone’s voice by making them recite a speech, a nursery rhyme or sing a song. Precisely in this regard it has been reported that YouTube would be in the middle of negotiations with the labels to obtain a particular authorization.

In fact, the giant of the video world would have contacted the main majors with the aim of releasing one AI tool able to create useful videos using the voices of the artists. This dialogue is fundamental, especially in light of the uproar generated by a video of a singer who sang “Heart on My Sleeve” by The Weeknd using his voice.

YouTube working on a new AI tool, dialogue opened with the majors

There have been several tools that YouTube has announced regarding artificial intelligence for its creators. In fact, the September event was emblematic in this sense, showing innovations such as “Dream Screen” e “YouTube Create“.

In the last few hours, however, rumors have intensified regarding the giant’s desire to generate a new tool that would allow content creators to generate videos using the voices of their favorite artists. During the last event in September no such novelty was announced given that, like today, there was no agreement with any label.

According to main sources, YouTube is continuing to negotiate with major labels in the music world, such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. The aim would be to obtain the rights to using artists’ voices within AI-based tools.

In reality the dialogue is very complicated as there is already an example represented by Universal Music Group. In fact, the major asked Spotify and ad Apple Music to prevent their songs from being used for such purposes.

At the same time it will be difficult to find artists who agree in developing a solution of this type. Negotiations are continuing and YouTube is not giving up.


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