YouTube copies the TikTok Green Screen, other minor news for creators

The competition from TikTok continues to make YouTube’s renowned rivals feel their breath on the neck, who, as a counter move, have “borrowed” a function, the one known as Green Screen, declining it on the Remix altar for their Shorts videos.
YouTube copies the TikTok Green Screen, other minor news for creators

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Recent times have been full of news for YouTube, just think of the announced closure of the YouTube Go spin-off, or the test started for the restyling of the playlists. In Mountain View, however, they are not yet satisfied by all this, as demonstrated by a novelty just introduced experimentally in favor of the Shorts videos, and by a series of novelties that also wink at the world of creators.

According to the latest reports released by Sensor Tower, TikTok, ByteDance’s vertical and short creative video platform, was downloaded 175 million times in the first 3 months of the year, arriving, since it made its debut ( ex, with a total of 3.5 billion downloads. This success, which over time has enticed everyone, so much so that Google also creates a related clone, YouTube Shorts, has had a new effect.

Big G, in fact, despite having repeatedly reiterated how much its Shorts are having success in terms of use (hence the choice to start testing the advertising), still finds itself with many people who, as in the Reels of Instagram, limit themselves to upload what they have previously created on TikTok, of which they obviously really appreciate the creative tools. Among these, one of the most popular is the Green Screen, a function that, while recording a clip, allows you to remove its background, to replace it with one of your own liking.

Taking all this into account, Google has officially announced, through its support page, the launch of a test, in favor of the Shorts section of YouTube, relating to the testing of a function called, coincidentally, Green Screen. In the case of Mountain View, however, the function, although similar in principle, works differently from that of TikTok, resulting more of a preset to run the Remixes.

In particular, explains the colossus directed by Sundar Pichai, users will be able to choose a video they like on YouTube, or act on a Short, without forgetting that it will also be possible to draw on videos or photos from their Gallery: the user will not have to do anything else than to put itself in the foreground with respect to the chosen background, and will also be able to establish whether to keep active or turn off the audio of the original video.

To proceed with the use of the Green Screen function in the context of YouTube Shorts, currently only available on iOS, with Android devices that will be involved in the coming months, just go under a video, choose Create and then Green Screen: another way , is to intervene on the menu of the three dots, in the Shorts view, also in YouTube for iOS and, there, to opt again for the Green Screen option. Regardless of the path, the result generated will have to substantiate itself in a video of 1 minute or less.

Moving on to the second round of news, now taken into account those communicated during the I / O 2022 event (therefore not only dedicated to the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro), Google has made that “soon” all creators will be able to benefit from the “Clip” function. Thanks to the latter, they will be able to select up to 60 seconds of a video, creating a clip (e.g. to highlight the highlights of a tutorial) that will play a loop (which can also be shared elsewhere) on the page dedicated to viewing the video. ‘origin.

The function, already present on YouTube iOS, will arrive on Android, which allows you to create community surveys with lots of images: also the function of the list of positions, which under a video shows the Maps positions of any restaurants or bars mentioned in a video, is getting more diffusion.


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