YouTube: emoji reactions in time, ads for Shorts, devices suggested for the cast on Music

Google starts the weekly queue by paying attention to YouTube users, involved in the test of the Timed Reaction emoji for videos, the arrival of the ads on the Shorts, and the arrival of a welcome news on YouTube Music.
YouTube: emoji reactions in time, ads for Shorts, devices suggested for the cast on Music

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YouTube, the famous Google multimedia streaming platform, seems to be the third major protagonist of the attention of the parent company which, after offering improvements for Google Maps and Google Photos, has also begun to devote itself to the great Y.

As known, for some time now YouTube has decided to remove the counter for dislike, announcing shortly after, towards the end of March, that – to provide further feedback to users on the quality of the videos – it would start testing a feature in the following months thanks to which reaction emojis linked to specific timestamps could have been used. Apparently, the time for this test has come, according to what 9to5Google discovered, using the 17.19.34 version of YouTube for smartphones.

Specifically, under the videos (e.g. of some creators involved in the test (who have activated the function of the timed reaction emojis, so that they are displayed), a mobile panel dedicated to them. This panel would appear by extending the comments area, and would make 4 emojis available for now, all positive, although Google, in an official comment on this discovery, has claimed that, depending on how the test will go, they will be added or possibly removed. some reaction emojis for videos over time.

Once a reaction emoji has been conferred, the latter would be placed on the video progress bar, by means of an animation, in the precise point corresponding to the moment of conferment: finally, note that the timed reaction emojis for the YouTube videos are anonymous, in the sense that on this bar it is only possible to see, in relation to an emoji, the counter of how many viewers have used it.

During the “Google Marketing Live” event on May 24th, Mountain View announced several other news. First of all, after the first tests conducted last year, the global distribution, and therefore worldwide, of the advertisements in the Shorts has now started. By the end of the year, then, brands will be able to link the feeds of their products to their promotional clips in Shorts format, in order to make them more “purchasable”: it is not excluded, offering creators an additional opportunity to monetize, that the same becomes also possible for the common Shorts (currently benefiting from around 30 billion daily views) created by creative users. Also by the end of the year, the “My Ad Center” will debut: it is a hub for greater control over one’s online experience in using Google services, which will allow you to set which ads to see more or less, as well as on Discover and Search, including on YouTube.

Finally, from ChromeUnboxed comes the discovery of a function that has been activated for the Android and iOS users of YouTube Music for a few days: in this case, it is an improvement of the Cast menu of the Google cast which, above the section standard that lists the devices that can be used for casting content, now it would begin to present another one, with the “suggested” devices for casting, based – according to Google – on the habits of use of the same (eg. the casting history) .


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