YouTube enables the volume stabilizing button by default

The largest video platform in the world it is clearly YouTube which, although it includes many advantages, still leads users to get exasperated with some aspects. If you too are now tired of having to constantly adjust the volume to each video due to the discrepancy in terms of audio, you must rest assured.

Apparently YouTube is about to solve this annoying problem by implementing many features starting from these days until the weeks to come. The fundamental condition, however, is that of necessarily being subscribers to the platform Premium of the famous site, so you can enjoy the news.

The company has announced that functions will arrive starting today. These are improvements that will impact the ease of use, also improving visualization e research.

YouTube is updating with many new features and implementing the volume stabilization button

Of all the features that have been talked about for a few days now, probably the most important feature that will be added is the new one switch to stabilize the volume. Within the mobile application, the company says it wants to implement this new solution which will thus avoid striking differences in terms of audio between one video and another.

The button will be located within the additional settings, with the “On” option already active Of default. Simply put, once you receive the update, you don’t have to do anything else: the volume will already be adjusted by default between all videos. In case you don’t want to use this innovation, you can deactivate the switch.

There will also be other new features that will affect YouTube, such as larger preview thumbnails, a lock screen and even the ability to press and hold on a video to increase playback speed to 2X. Returning to the lock screen, it will be useful on phones and tablets to avoid accidental touches which may interrupt the video being played.


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