YouTube, full-screen Ambient Mode eliminates black bars

Great attention was paid by YouTube lately in improving its video platform. Many users have noticed how much the most famous site in the world has changed over the years regarding the reproduction of various types of content.

It often happens that you want to watch a video at full screen, finding the usual black bars on the sides becoming distracting. Just zooming in slightly will fix the problem, even if only partially. In fact, by doing so, you lose part of the video, both on the upper and lower sides. Apparently YouTube has the solution: here it is Ambient mode.

This feature aims to solve the problem of black bars, allowing the colors of the video being played to appear merge with the interface.

YouTube, goodbye to black bars with the new Ambient-Mode

By taking advantage of this new mode, users who use YouTube, instead of seeing only the black bars or spaces around a video, will see the main colors of the video blend seamlessly with the interface. This means that the areas where there will not be the movie playing, will attenuated with colors other than black. This will lead to users not being distracted and having a more immersive user experience.

This isn’t actually a new feature, but with YouTube’s latest update it will become much more widespread. Initially the feature worked when watching videos with the smartphone in place vertical.

It was then enough to rotate the smartphone horizontally to make the effect disappear, but now this will no longer be the case. Ambient mode will also be available in full screen and landscape. The novelty concerns something very similar to the Ambilight function available on some Philips TVs.

All of this will help make the video experience much more engaging than usual, resulting in a better rendering of the content you are watching. The feature is already available for both Android that for iOSyou just need to update.


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