YouTube: goodbye announced for YouTube Go, mobile news for data analysis

With the prospect of closing the lightened spin-off YouTube Go (and alternative solutions proposed) for the summer, Google has introduced several statistical innovations in favor of YouTube creators.
YouTube: goodbye announced for YouTube Go, mobile news for data analysis

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Even Google is often active in improving the user experience within its services, among which YouTube undoubtedly stands out, to which the big G has dedicated various innovations in terms of creators, introduced in conjunction with the announcement of the closure of the spin- off YouTube Go.

In 2016, various companies launched lighter versions of their platforms, to help users in disadvantaged areas, where the internet was not widespread, the data connection was expensive, and low-end devices had very limited performance. Since then, things have changed first of all technically, with the price per Gigabyte lowered, and the low-end devices today well above the mid-range of the early days of the category.

In consideration of this, but also taking into account that its Go version lacked many essential functions, such as creating and publishing content, using dark mode, commenting and liking, Google announced its intention to close the spin-off. YouTube Go, born in 2016, with the deadline now set for next August. In tandem with this announcement, Mountain View, which also pointed out that it has improved the standard YouTube user experience on entry level devices and in contexts where the internet connection is of lower quality, however reported that it will introduce, without however, provide a timeline in this regard, a system to help users with a limited amount of data to “reduce the use of mobile data”. In any case, where necessary, you can always use the site.

It was 2020 when YouTube introduced the “Key Moments” section on YouTube Analytics for desktop which, by analyzing users’ clicks, provided insights into their performance, also through comparative graphs. In the past few hours, Google has announced that it will bring (in the coming weeks) the same section, also including analysis on trends or key changes, also on YouTube Studio for mobile devices, so that even on the go creators have the insights of they need. For the occasion, Key Moments will also allow, in the light of the rankings of the “key moments”, to analyze specific segments of each video.

Finally, as is known, until recently there was the function of live redirects, which allowed creators with at least 1,000 followers to redirect viewers to another video or preview, as long as it was from the same channel. With the modification of this routine just introduced (and operational by the weekend), the managers of the eligible channels (1,000 followers, no warnings received on the community guidelines) will be able to redirect also to videos and previews of another channel, implementing true and own partnerships between influencers.


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