YouTube: here is the label that facilitates the identification of videos with AI content

YouTube: here is the label that facilitates the identification of videos with AI content

The versatility ofgenerative artificial intelligence it is also available to users free of charge. This can be exploited in multiple ways, but some could pass off as real content that in reality is not. To avoid situations of this type, Google’s YouTube division has decided to introduce alabel for clear marking those videos made with AI.

Greater clarity on YouTube: the new label for AI videos

The Mountain View giant, as described in the official press release released in these hours, in the coming months will ask creators to declare the possible presence of content generated with AI in their videos. If necessary, this notification will automatically translate into a badge that will inform the user of the presence of “sound or visual content modified or created digitally”.

YouTube - AI Content Label

«Over the next few months, we will introduce updates that will inform viewers when the content they are viewing has been edited or created digitally», scrive Big G. «We will provide new options to select when uploading content to indicate the presence of realistic, altered or digitally created material. For example, this could be an AI-generated video that realistically depicts an event that never happened, or content that shows someone saying or doing something they didn’t actually say or do».

The press release also explains that in case of “sensitive topics”, such as political elections or war conflicts, the label will be even more evident. This is to avoid cases of misinformation as much as possible.

E se i creator they do not respect the new guidelines? Google has also thought of this: in case of failure to report AI content, the videos will come removed from the platform and the YouTube Partner Program will be suspended.

Update for i is also coming AI-stuffed music tracks. «We will introduce the ability for our music partners to request the removal of AI-generated music content that imitates an artist’s voice», declares Google.

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