YouTube introduces the Fixes feature for already uploaded videos

Between a nostalgia operation and one dedicated to inclusiveness, YouTube also took the opportunity to release a practical novelty that will help to correct the uploaded videos in some way without losing comments or engagement metrics.
YouTube introduces the Fixes feature for already uploaded videos

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YouTube, in recalling that registrations are open for the 2023 phase of Black Voices, its support program for the colored creators present on its platform, has launched a small nostalgic initiative and, in addition, confirmed the release of a useful function of video correction.

In recent days, YouTube India celebrated the first video (less than 20 seconds) uploaded 17 years ago on the video-sharing platform by co-founder Jawed Karim, which portrays it in the San Diego zoo in front of the elephant cage: the initiative, topped off with the hashtag “#YouTubeFactsFest”, recalled that the video in question, watched over time by 235 million people, started the vlogging trend. The public appreciation was also remarkable in this case as the re-release of the short, which took place via the YouTube India Instagram account, already obtained 1.69 million views in the first two days of sharing.

In terms of more concrete news, through a page on the Google support site and a video from the Creator Insider account, YouTube has announced the launch of a useful novelty, which will allow you to somehow correct, or update, the videos already published. The new function is called “Corrections” and requires, with a system of additional notes, that the user compiles the Corrections section in the description, indicating the timestamps and the nature of the correction. At that point, in the video, a tab will appear at the top right of the timestamp where the correction was applied, by clicking on which tab you will be taken to the description, to read how updated or corrected.

The function, which is useful if you notice an error in the uploaded video, or if the clip uploaded very quickly needs to be updated with further context information, also useful for referring to a subsequent video on the same topic in the case of tutorial, answers a problem deeply felt by the creators community which, previously, had few solutions to remedy or provide more context data.

Specifically, first it was necessary to remove the video and reload it edited, losing comments and engagement metrics, or you could pin a comment at the top, respond to a user who reported the error, or insert a clarification in the description, running the risk that everything this went unnoticed.


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