YouTube more aggressive against adblock: what changes for users

YouTube it is a constantly evolving platform ready to welcome any feature that is trending in a certain historical period. We saw the arrival of the Shorts years ago to challenge the Instagram Reels and TikTok. More recently, there has been talk of video dubbing with generative AI, following the boom in artificial intelligence. However, there are problems that continue to annoy the managers of the streaming platform, including blocking ads.

The use of ad blocker it’s especially prevalent around the world, and YouTube knows this all too well. To date, the Big G has not managed to stem the phenomenon, but the situation could soon change. The developers would be thinking of a aggressive pop-up system which would prevent users from watching videos if they use ad blocking extensions.

YouTube fights against adblockers

To unveil this change two days ago was u/Reddit_n_Me on the official YouTube subreddit, with the image you find right below. It reads a pop-up warning inviting users to try YouTube Premium or consent to the display of advertisements. Otherwise, the video player will be locked to user after three videos with active adblock.

YouTube popup adblocker

It is a rather aggressive approach by the video streaming platform, which at the moment, however, does not yet seem available to all users and is unable to block certain extensions. However, its imperfection is natural, being a feature still in the testing phase. Therefore, in a few months he may be able to block all adblockers and indeed prevent viewing of multimedia content in the event that the advertisements are not reproduced regularly.

It’s not clear when this feature will become operational worldwide, but it’s clear that Google wants to go down this road over the next few months.

Source: Reddit


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