YouTube Music: Google is thinking of an extension for Gemini

YouTube Music: Google is thinking of an extension for Gemini

Google is working hard to make its learning model as performant as possible. The company in fact to perfect the chatbot Gemini, is introducing several new features. The goal is to make it a real competitor to ChatGPT. Recently, one of the biggest innovations that have implemented Gemini the most has been the possibility of developing expansions, what were previously called Bard Extensions. Now, according to rumors, Google is working hard to implement a new extension as soon as possible YouTube Music.

Extensions typically grant Gemini access to information and functionality about various Google apps and services. With this new extension currently in development, users will be able to search for musiccreate playlists and explore all the works of new artists directly by asking Gemini.

Gemini, the extension for YouTube Music arrives from Google

With the arrival of the new YouTube Music extension, users will be able to ask Gemini to play their workout playlist or perhaps find some background music that it is relaxing. To do this, Google’s AI should be able to directly access the YouTube Music library, so as to be able to satisfy user requests.

In reality it is something more than a simple search: Gemini can in fact learn directly from user preferences over time. This way it will also be able to suggest new music or selection of radio stations tailored to the public’s tastes.

The first rumors regarding this new YouTube Music extension in Gemini came after careful consideration analyses of the Google application. The latest version would show unmistakable traces of detailed research by Gemini with information regarding the music platform.

This is a further move that testifies to Google’s determination to make its artificial intelligence become an undisputed leader in the future.

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