YouTube Music: in roll-out a review of the settings on Android tablets and Chromebooks

Without too much fuss, Google has started to distribute, in the past few hours, a small improvement on the versions of YouTube Music for Android tablets and notebooks with ChromeOS, represented by a two-column interface for settings.
YouTube Music: in roll-out a review of the settings on Android tablets and Chromebooks

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After the avalanche of news in mid-April, the spin-off YouTube Music has dedicated itself to small innovations, such as the aesthetic retouching of smart downloads, or to some tests, for playlists or the Next UP queue: now, in the meantime on the mobile side the related beta program is closed, on the big screens of the green robot comes a restyling of the settings.

Specifically, several users have noticed an improvement by opening their version of YouTube Music on ChromeBooks or Android tablets: entering the account menu, no longer opens an internal screen page, but a pop-up that preserves the faculties of user navigation. Taking a cue from what has already been done in the proprietary apps Google, YouTube and Gmail, Google has prepared a two-column scheme for the settings.

In the one on the left you will find the macro-categories, including – in order of succession – “General, Playback, Data backup, Download and storage, Notifications, Privacy and location, Tips, Paid subscriptions and About YouTube Music”: a right, for each category chosen, the relative controls on which you can intervene are revealed, in the name of a modus operandi that makes better use of the ample space available on tablets and notebooks with ChromeOS.

This scheme for now is the prerogative of the aforementioned devices but, considering that on iOS, with the necessary adaptations, it is also present on Apple’s smartphones, it is not excluded that something like this may also arrive on Android-based phones. Meanwhile, YouTube Music has become the protagonist of a curious minor novelty. As known, Google has long been preparing beta programs for various services, to find out bugs and get user feedback.

In the past few hours, together with those of YouTube TV, Google Clock, Google News, Google Play Books, the YouTube Music beta program was also closed. Not a big loss, considering that, for the apps in question, a beta version had never been released.


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