YouTube Music: new album layout spotted on tablets (for now Android)

The small restyling just spotted regarding YouTube Music sees the Google sound streaming platform being engaged in revising the interface of the albums being played, in order to adapt to the greater space of foldables and tablets.
YouTube Music: new album layout spotted on tablets (for now Android)

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During the past edition of Google I / O 2022, Mountain View had promised the adaptation of its applications to larger screens, folding devices and tablets: at the beginning of the month, a restyling in this sense embraced the playlists of the YouTube Music service which, in the past few hours, has started to receive a similar revisitation also for the albums (in limited form on Android devices, but not yet on iPads).

According to reports from redditor u / MoistTart3258, YouTube Music would be implementing a reinterpretation of the way the albums you are listening to are displayed. Previously, the layout provided that, at the top, on the left, there was the album cover and, on the right, above the square buttons for shuffle and play, there was the relative information (album name, year of publication, author) and the controls, to add the album to your library, to download the songs, in addition to the 3 dots for the overflow menu, which also allowed you to go to the artist, add the album to the playlist, play a radio, or to reproduce it later,

In the new layout, which makes the most of the larger spaces available in tablets and foldable devices, the enlarged album cover is in the center on a blurred background, while at the top there is the name of the author and the year of publication of the album and, under the cover, are the description and name of the album. There is no shortage of the usual action buttons, in the guise of play (now circular), download, add to library, and shortcut to the overflow menu.

Perhaps due to the embryonic nature of the review, the shuffle button is missing, while the Share button is no longer at the top right next to that of the Chromecast, but placed right next to the Play.

Other behaviors reported regarding the new interface concern the fact that, in horizontal orientation, on a tablet, the sound list of the songs moves to the right, while all the information is contained in the left column: moreover, by scrolling down, a useful mobile button appears (ie a FAV), which allows you not to always go back to the top when you want to stop and restart playback.


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