In the past few hours, with spring starting to end towards a hot summer, Google has announced in favor of YouTube Music the spring collection, made up of 6 different cards, to get to know each other and be known a little better musically.
YouTube Music: Official Spring Recap

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Lately, Google has been actively developing the YouTube Music platform born from the ashes of Play Music. After having prepared an interface suitable for tablets, and started the test of some filtering pills for the automatically generated radio playlists (the Up Next queue), the Mountain View giant ventured into an initiative at the end of the spring and in view of summer.

As is well known, the rival Spotify has been celebrating the end of the year for some time, ending with an annual collection, baptized as “Spotify Wrapped” (here that of 2021). YouTube Music, not to be outdone, after publishing the Music 2021 Recap collection towards the end of 2021, with attached listening statistics for users, has now launched the Spring Recap which summarizes the tastes of users for this first part of 2022. Specifically, according to testimonies from Reddit, this would be happening through various avenues.

Some, for example, would find the summary in the Home feed, others by intervening on Explore now, still others – even – after touching the avatar at the top right, within the Summary 2021 section which, while retaining the old playlist, it would no longer have the old infographics. Across the road to get there, the destination would be represented by the “Spring Recap is here” summary.

Speaking on this title in question, a sliding carousel made up of 6 cards, each dedicated to a content, is revealed. In the first summary sheet, the name of the artist and song most listened to in the first part of 2022 are included, including the total minutes spent doing so. The second, third and fourth tabs each have 5 elements and, specifically, they deal respectively with the best spring songs, the best spring albums and the best spring artists. The fifth tab contains 3 elements, and is dedicated to the best spring music genres.

Only the last tab is leaner, as it contains only one element, which is the best spring playlist. Each card has elements in gray on a black background, and is optimized for sharing on social media with a view to virality, with the name Summary in plain sight in the upper right corner. For now, this novelty is available to some users in the USA, with the Old Continent that should be invested in it in the coming days.


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