For some time immersed in tests for the renewal of the interface, YouTube Music has confirmed the trend, resulting in the protagonist of a new and limited experiment that seems to concern the interface of some playlists.
YouTube Music: the test for the restyling of the playlists is in progress

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In recent times YouTube Music has introduced many small changes, including a new cover for the playlist “My Mix” (Mixed for you), a multicolored blurry background in Home, a small aesthetic touch to the Smart Downloads, and the renewal of the note screen. as “Added to playlist”. Apparently, the aesthetic changes are not yet finished, according to what 9to5Google has discovered.

According to the portal in question, a French user in possession of a Galaxy Tab A7 tablet has received a small update for YouTube Music, perhaps as part of a test that, apparently, would only involve playlists (although it could involve even the albums, structured similarly), with a high probability of also involving custom playlists originated via algorithm and those created by community members.

Specifically, the YouTube Music app, born in 2018 as the heir to Play Music, has obtained – on the mobile side – a restyling for the playlist page which, by placing most of the buttons in a single row, actually gives greater emphasis to the cover. All this takes place with an arrangement that places two lines at the top, including that of the title of the playlist and (compared to today with the indication of the year only) the date of the last update. Then follows the cover inside which at the top left there is the circular YouTube Music logo: the cover concerning the first artist of the playlist is placed on the left while, on its right, there is the verticalized text with the title of the playlist.

Just below, before the line with the description of the playlist, the name of the playlist is repeated with a larger character than before: below this line there is a bar of buttons, 6 to be precise, not including the one for the shuffle, but substantiated in that for download, for adding to the Library, for playback, for the overflow menu and for sharing. The latter is moved from where it was before, at the top right, where now only the button to transmit to other devices and the search button remain with the (shaded and) dominant color of the cover in the background.

The list of songs in the playlist, always not including the number of songs included in the current collection, is finally unchanged compared to the appearance it had previously.


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