YouTube: news on PiP mode and multiple selection

Without too much hype, since these are small numerical extensions of functions already operational in some way, YouTube has announced news regarding the multiple selection on YouTube Music and the Picture-in-Picture mode in the mother platform.
YouTube: news on PiP mode and multiple selection

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Meanwhile, the case of cartoonist Kris Straub, whose horror series “Show For Children”, which has been online for 4 years, is still being discussed (fortunately for a few days), has recently been cleared by the algorithms of Google, resulting in a certain period of time deprived of the status “not made for kids” and therefore suitable for the use of children (as confirmed by the badge that recommended the use of the spin-off “YouTube for Kids”), YouTube, which still has a lot to do on field of artificial intelligence, in the meantime it has dedicated itself to some small improvements.

The first novelty is actually the expansion of something already known. According to 9to5google, this is the extension to a greater number of users, on YouTube Music for web, of the multiple selection function.

In case you were involved in the activation, being in a playlist or album, hovering the mouse over a song, to the right of the thumbs up and down, the length of the song should be replaced by the selection box. By flag it, the user will find an overlay menu with various tools at the bottom left. Specifically, this menu will contain the items to add the song to the playlist, to play it later, or put it in a queue.

The second novelty concerns a function already granted as a dowry to Android users. In this case, it is about the implementation, underway from now on in the next few days, of the PiP function, Picture-in-Picture, to play the contents in a window, which is now also intended for users of iOS devices, from iOS 15 onwards, and of those iPadOS (the iPads in short), from the iPadOS version 15 and later.

Google, on the YouTube community page, however, has provided some clarifications regarding this functional innovation. Specifically, the PiP function will be globally active for all YouTube Premium users (i.e. for paying users), who thanks to it will be able to play music and non-music contents in a window. However, the same function is also granted to some non-premium users, for now only in the USA, and with the limitation of non-musical contents.


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